Impressive Results By Isg International in the Board Examinations

The students of the International Section of Indian School Al Ghubra showcased brilliant results in the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations held in March this year.

In Grade 12 Aakifah Jamsheed Hamza topped with 92.6%. She was also the school topper in Biology scoring 99% marks. Kaushik Shankar topped the school scoring 97 in English.

Students secured distinction in all subjects in Class 12.

Among the students of grade 10 who appeared for the All India Secondary School Examination Aidaphy Uppal and Mannish Kanna Poovannan topped with 96.6%; close behind in the second position is Aditya Samir Ketkar and Anushka Mankodi with 96% and the third position was shared by Bhavisha Pankaj and Jahnavi Majumder with 95.8%

All students, but one, secured distinction in Class 10.

The following students bagged the title of school top scorers- Aditya Samir Ketkar, Aidaphi Uppal, Aryan Suhas Deshpande, Mannish Kannaa Poovannan scored centum in French; while Karthik Praveen scored 100 in Mathematics and Anushka Mankodi score 98 marks in Mathematics Basic. In Painting Sahva Sakeena scored 97, and in Computer Applications Neha Nitin Kadam and Sahva Sakeena topped the school with 96 marks.

In the other subjects, Aidaphy Uppal, Karthik Praveen scored a 99 in English, Bhavisha Pankaj scored 96 marks in Social Science, Jahnavi Majumder scored 97 in Science and 93 marks in Hindi; Karthik Praveen scored 91marks in Arabic.

The School Management Committee and the Principal have lauded the students for their brilliant performance. They also expressed their gratitude to the teachers and the parents of all the achievers who have done their alma mater proud.

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