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ISG Celebrates ‘Unity In Diversity Day’ With Great GUSTO

Indian School Al Ghubra celebrated ‘Unity In Diversity Day’ on 11 August 2016. The event organized by the Department of Social Science was inaugurated by the Vice Principal, Mr. G Sreekumar. Students of class 6 participated in this programme with great enthusiasm.  Considered as the ‘Cradle of Civilizations’, India is home to  centuries-old rich culture in terms of  languages,  cuisine, dance, music, architecture, customs and  festivals. To mark the occasion, students were dressed in traditional attire of different states which presented a colourful spectacle.  Adding to the flavor, different varieties of traditional foods were displayed showcasing the culture and tradition of each state. 

The Vice Principal - Mr. Sreekumar appreciated the sincere efforts of all the students and teachers who brought a real sense of integration into their learning process.Students enjoyed working together and there was a real sense of sharing and support. A really interesting and enjoyable day was dedicated in school to cherish the concept of ‘Unity In Diversity’.

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