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ISG Wins Accolades At The 10th MMUN Conference, ROME

18 students from Indian School Al Ghubra along with the school Model United Nations coordinator Mrs Ariwala and Dr Dogra, Supervisor, embarked on a journey to Rome to attend  the prestigious 10th  Montessori Model United Nations Conference. Ananya Venkatesan, Anushree Gupte, Jiya Singh, Manya Mediratta, Srivaths Mahadevan and Zainab Zariwala – the DAIS members in various committees, accompanied the delegates. The stellar performance of team ISG - Somalika Chhabra, Ishani Sengupta, Rahul Gallani, Aarav Modi, Idrees Yusuf, Pranav Venugopal, Harshit Toprani, Anjali Deepak, Amisha Mehta,  Anjali Dofe,  Priyangshi Bose and Ishan Date was highly appreciated at the Food and Agricultural Organization.

The delegates contributed towards the creation of resolutions on ‘Equal Representation of Women and Eliminating Violence against Women’. Amisha Mehta, Anjali Dofe,  Priyangshi Bose and Ishan Date were selected speaker-representatives at the FAO. By assuming the perspectives of a citizen of their selected countries, MMUN students not only develop an understanding of the needs and rights of others, but also learn to respect different cultures and the political views of others. 

When they arrived at the MMUN Conference students transformed themselves into UN ambassadors and assumed the rights and responsibilities of world leaders. Their imaginations propelled them to collaboratively create resolutions to resolve our world’s most pressing problems. MMUNC encourages students to know that they can make a difference.

The students topped up their success with an educational trip to Florence, Padua, Pisa, Verona and Venice. This unique and innovative MMUNC provided a platform for students to improve their debating and public speaking skills and a life time experience which taught them that peace can also be accomplished through dialogue.

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