Smart Classrooms:

All classrooms have been equipped with the state-of-art, modern Smart Boards, Projectors and PCs which provide a whole new experience of multimedia enabled learning.

The Smart Classrooms help the students understand the topics more easily due to visual impact created by videos and practicals.The campus is provided with Broadband internet connectivity, facilitating the teachers and students to rely on online resources for learning. The computer lab is fitted with around 20 nodes connected with a Windows server.

Activity Room:

The vast activity room enables the students with the comfort and convenience to learn various forms of art including pottery , painting, sketching, portfolio designing etc.

Music Room:

The music room is well equipped with various western musical instruments where in the students are trained to play the recorder, classical guitar , violin etc.

important dates

2nd Dec to 9th Dec 2018

PT2 Exam for classes 3 to 5

2nd Dec to 6th Dec 2018

PT2 Exam for classes 9 and 11

16-January 2019

Registration starts for admission to ISG International

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